What are “grading sheets” and why do we need them?

Since I’m still working on background chapters for my dissertation and hence currently do not have to share any research updates, I’m going to focus today’s blog post on my teaching duties. More specifically, I’ll try to convince you that grading sheets are a useful tool for making your own grading process more structured and objective, as well as for providing students with valuable feedback. Continue reading “What are “grading sheets” and why do we need them?”

Some Thoughts on Virtual Academia

I’m currently writing the background chapters for my dissertation, so there’s not much news from the research front. However, I’ve had the pleasure to organize and participate in several virtual events over the past weeks. Today, I therefore want to share some thoughts on “virtual academia”.

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What is “Constructive Alignment” and why do we need it?

Over the past few weeks, I have been pretty busy fulfilling my teaching duties. As I haven’t done much researching, I won’t talk about research today, but about “Constructive Alignment”, which is an approach for planning lectures, seminars and other courses.

The constructive alignment process consists of three steps:

  1. Defining the learning targets
  2. Planning the examination
  3. Planning the course

But wait a second, why does planning the course appear as the last step in this process?

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