Where do the dimensions of a conceptual space come from?

This week, the first paper of my PhD research [1] has been accepted for publication (you can take a look at the preprint here). I would like to seize the opportunity and explain here on a high level what this paper is about.

I’ve explained in a previous post what a conceptual space looks like. The aforementioned paper discusses the question posed in the title of this post: “Where do the dimensions of a conceptual space come from?”

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My PhD project in a nutshell

After having covered different topics in my little “What is …?” series, it is now time to put the parts together and explain what my PhD research is all about.

The preliminary title of my dissertation is “Concept Formation in Conceptual Spaces”. As you have probably already guessed, it involves both the area of concept formation and the framework of conceptual spaces.

The basic idea is the following one:

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Interdisciplinary College 2017

Last week, I participated in this year’s interdisciplinary college (https://www.interdisciplinary-college.de). In the course of this spring school, I was able to meet many other students working on exciting research projects. By taking lectures, I acquired basic knowledge of neuroscience, some ideas about creativity (both from the behavioral/neural viewpoint as from the AI perspective) and many impulses on language grounding in robotics.

I was also able to present my overall PhD research project (“Concept Formation in Conceptual Spaces”) both during the poster session and as a “rainbow course” lecture. On both occasions I got very valuable feedback and stimulating impulses for my further research. I’ve uploaded the respective resources in case you are interested: the pdf file of my poster and the slides of my presentation.

Long story short: it was a great week with a lot of input and impulses. 🙂