Hello world!

So this is officially my first blog post on my new website. Welcome everyone! 🙂
What is this website all about? Well, there are two parts: the static and the dynamic one.

The static part of this website (“About me”, “Publications”, and “Teaching”) give an overview over my research interests, my publications in the AI area and the courses I have been teaching.

The dynamic part of this website is a blog where I will regularly post updates about my current research. This includes discussions of frameworks and approaches I am working with, summaries of interesting research papers, and results and insights from my own ongoing research.

This first post is of course only a placeholder for the more interesting entries to be written in the future. The overall plan is that I will write a new entry roughly every other week. If you want to stay up to date, just add this website’s RSS feed and/or follow me on Twitter!

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